PETA Sponsored Happiness And Other Ways to Indulge This Weekend
  • Wednesday, July 15: Today, for your dining pleasure, head to Capitol Hill to watch Playboy Playmate of the Year, Jayde Nicole, hand out veggie hot dogs while wearing only strategically placed lettuce leaves. Why, yes, this is the diabolical work of PETA in celebration of National Veggie Dog Day. Get there early to score your very own copy of PETA's Vegetarian Starter Kit! Starts at noon. [Veggie Dogs]

  • Sunday, July 19: Anything named "The Coolout" should have you wary of how cool it actually is, but if you enjoy rooftops and mojitos you'll probably enjoy the event. “Coolout" is a rooftop hotel party on the roof of the Beacon Hotel. It goes from 3-9PM on Sundays, and features two full bars and some of DC's best DJs. [Coolout]
  • Tuesday, July 21: It seems like July is the month to declare independence. July 21 is Belgian Independence Day, and a few restaurants in DC are hosting celebrations. On Tuesday, head to Belga Café for unlimited select free beers and select beers at half-price starting at 10PM.  Cost is $10.  Or check out Brasserie Beck for an evening that will feature delicious food and some of the best imports and brews from Belgian breweries. Cost is $100. [Belga Café,Brasserie Beck]
  • Eat here: Two of DC's best chefs, Brian Voltaggio of Volt and Mike Isabella of Zaytinya, will be featured on the upcoming season of Bravo’s Top Chef. Whether you watch the show religiously or couldn't care less about who can make the best tuna tartare, the fact that these chefs are being featured on the shows means that these restaurants are well worth eating at. [Volt,Zaytinya]
  • Be A Real World Blur: If you’re hankering to be led back to the "Real World" den to end up as a blur in their hot tub, you may run into the cast at the Chi Cha Lounge, which they have been known to frequent.  It’s a fun lounge, especially if you enjoy smoking hookah and spending the night with sophisticated folk. But other than that, the drinks are expensive and the music hovers between being too loud to hold conversation but not interesting enough to warrant dancing. [Chi-Cha Lounge]

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