PETA Would Like To Sell You Delicious Vegan Treats At Jeffrey Dahmer's Childhood Home


Were you wondering if there was anyone left working at PETA who wasn't the vegan equivalent of a Westboro Church member? Worry your pretty head no more, because PETA is disabusing you of the notion that anyone rational remains by suggesting it buy Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home and turn it into a vegan restaurant. We just can't even.

First things first. Notorious serial killer/people eater Dahmer's childhood home is actually for sale, but people do not seem to want to live in the house of a creepy cannibal mass murderer! Weird, right? Oh, and let's not forget: he didn't just reside there as a child -- he committed his first murder there. Despite that, there was actually someone who bought it post-Dahmer.



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