Peter Orszag To Marry ABC's Jake Tapper

Peter Orszag To Marry ABC's Jake Tapper

Among the better perks of being White House budget director is theendless stream of smoking hot professional-class babes fucking you all the time. (That, and modest prescription drug co-pays. You won't bankrupt me, under-active thyroid!) It's safe to assume that in his first year on the job, youthful nerdbot genius/blogger Peter Orszag has second-based at least a dozen of the porn stars and Vegas cocktail waitresses employed by the Center for American Progress, while writing the budget. But now he's engaged to a liberal ABC News reporter, because "we all have to grow up at some point," as the sell-outs say.

Rahm Emanuel once said of Peter R. Orszag, the bespectacled economist who is President Obama’s budget director, “He’s made nerdy sexy.” So perhaps the White House chief of staff won’t be surprised to learn that Mr. Orszag got engaged over lunch on Monday to the ABC News correspondent he began dating six months ago, Bianna Golodryga.

“Great news!” Mr. Orszag e-mailed to about 50 friends and fellow budget geeks afterward.

"GREAT NEWS FOR YOU TOO: FUCK OFF," a jealous Rahm Emanuel responded.

Congratulations from Wonkette, Peter Orszag and Miss Nice Decade-Younger Media Hobbit Lady! Enjoy seeing each other one hour a week for the rest of your professional lives!

[NYT via Gawker]


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