Petri Dish Sexytime

  • Wary Russians are not very impressed with the American president, perhaps because his speeches do not translate well into Russian, or maybe because they are just ornery. [New York Times]
  • Will Republicans react in outrage to the news of how congressional investigators were able to breach federal buildings with live bombs? Because now the terrorists will know our methods, etc! [ABC News]
  • New Jersey and Virginia Republicans (elitists) have yet to issue Sarah Palin an invitation to campaign on their behalf. [AP]
  • Ha ha, gross! A collection of British researchers think they may have created HUMAN SPERM from stem cells. [AP]
  • The G8 meeting in an Italian town devastated by a recent earthquake is, perhaps unsurprisingly, shaping up to be a "logistical nightmare." [BBC News]
  • The idea of taxing healthcare benefits garners little support in the public or among senators, and will probably not appear in whatever reform bill makes it through Congress. [Wall Street Journal]

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