Pew Poll Demonstrates That Americans, Republicans, Not *That* Stupid


Hey-O, who has two thumbs and isn't as stupid as you might have been led to believe? Oh, just 62% of Americans and 35% of Republicans, who think that the Republican party has become "too extreme." For the record, we at Wonkette think that this is SILLY. Why on Earth would anyone find this "too extreme"? Or this? Or this? The answer here, clearly, is not to change the direction of the Republican party, but rather to take a hard look at messaging, and have Marco Rubio explain at Hispanics. That's all, no need to change the ideas themselves; just the way the ideas sound when they come out of people's mouths.

Ha ha, just kidding, these ideas are stupid and destructive, which is why everyone hates them and thinks they're "out of touch" even "Independents," whatever those are:

Definitely, the best way to fight this is to insult the President some more and act like assholes.

[Business Insider]


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