Pharmaceutical Performance Art On Display In Union Station Today


Well, this is nifty!Consumer Reports performs a valuable service for you, the consumer, by putting giant phalluses through the rigors of a public cardiac stress test in Washington's own Union Station. No wait, them there is pills, demonstrating how a scientist in the future might compare the effectiveness of different drugs. Note the eye chart off to the side, which says, mysteriously, "WE HIDE FROM OURSELVES [INCOMPREHENSIBLY SMALL TYPE, ETC.]".

While you're traveling around DC today you might also find people in lab coats handing out literature; do not be alarmed! You are not high, or paranoid! These kind souls are handing out copies of the new Consumer Reports publication "Best Drugs for Less," a handy guide that every prudent drug-user should have.

Happening in Washington: CR gives your prescriptions a workout [Consumer Reporter]


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