Phases of the Moon

We cannot figure out how it is that people are just now starting to get all het up about Rev. Moon's bizarre love god crowning event. It was in March, and we thought it was hilarious. Now we think it's a story from March. But since you people seem bound and determined to pelt us with emails until we participate in some kind of media mass marriage, well, here:

Moon: Make Love Organs, Not War

John Gorenfeld (the genius behind the close-to-the-bone comedy of R. Robot's Weblog) pronounces Sun Myung Moon the "Rupert Pupkin of politics," as Moon also "has a little fantasy he wants to achieve by associating himself with the famous and powerful." It's a perfect analogy except for one thing: Moon's guests are not cardboard cutouts of celebrities, they're live Congressmen. (Is this better or worse than the cardboard route? Discuss.) Gorenfeld runs down the guest-list for last night's Moon-shine ceremony honoring "ambassadors for peace."

Now, if we can just get people to stop sending us that Bush-ZombieReagan link. (It was really funny when they did it with Nixon, too!)

Moon: Make Love Organs, Not War [Wonkette]


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