Philando Castile Fund Shows People Do Not Suck Uniformly! (We Were Surprised Too)

Philando Castile Fund Shows People Do Not Suck Uniformly! (We Were Surprised Too)

Firstly, because we live in a hellscape where strangers must donate to make sure children aren't starving, if you have a dollar or maybe even two you should go give it to this youcaring.

What is it, you ask? I WILL TELL YOU. It is a genuinely motherfucking Nice Thing In The World and I have to tell you I actually made calls to verify it was true because I had been told we lived in a post-apocalyptic hellscape and I'm that kind of cynic. But in actual real reality, a woman called Pamela Fergus has decided that the cops killing Philando Castile is no good reason to let his memory die, or to starve the children whose lunches he used to buy out of his own pocket when he was alive and worked in a lunchroom. (Before the cops killed him, I cannot stress that enough!)

St. Louis, MO

Anyway they raised enough to cover the lunch debt of every kid in the whole city of St. Paul, Minnesota, so they bumped their goal up to $100k and I would like to point out right now that I am a writer by profession but for a very long time I was a line cook and so when you see these tears leaking out of my eyes it's just the buildup from a decade's worth of slicing onions for YOUR SANDWICHES, you ungrateful masses, I am definitely not the sort of woman who goes around crying when the world doesn't suck entirely.

Philando Castile was killed by police for no real reason, but they initially said they pulled him over for a broken taillight. (Witnesses say there was no broken taillight. Black people have a magical ability to temporarily break the taillight of any car they happen to be in, or at least we assume it's that because man do black people get pulled over for broken taillights a lot!) In response, a Minneapolis mechanic has been replacing taillights and license plate bulbs for free. For over a year. He's done hundreds! We checked! (If you live near Brooklyn Park, MN, you should really consider using Unity Autoworks as your mechanics and also overpaying because holy shit that is just a really awesome thing to do! And if you live anywhere in the area and you need your bulbs fixed you can call or text (612) 250-6218 and GO GET YOUR SHIT SORTED SO THE POLICE HAVE ONE LESS EXCUSE, PLEASE, WE LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU ALIVE!)

No really this mechanic is fucking awesome

I have been reporting from the aftermath of police shootings for years now, and there is a curious and wonderful thing that happens every time. People show up. I have eaten free burritos and pizza, drunk free water and Gatorade, covered my face in free milk or antacid after I got hit with gas or pepper spray. The corollary: I have donated food and supplies. I have worked a medic line. I've kept people's phones on. That's what we colloquially call "the work" and what's meant by that phrase is the work of sustaining ourselves and each other so that we can collectively stand against Wrong.

Fuck it, I don't even DO fuzzy animals but on this post? Yeah. It's nice.

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