Truck Has 'OBAMA' Acronym; Real America Discovers Use For Palin Book

Truck Has 'OBAMA' Acronym; Real America Discovers Use For Palin Book

Hey look, this pickup truck has figured out what the letters in "Obama" mean: "One Big Ass Mistake America." Except it seems to be missing a comma. (Probably stoled by socialism.) What exactly is this truck saying? "One Big Ass, Mistake America"? Saucy and unpatriotic! "One Big Ass Mistake, America"? That seems more likely, but it would still need a hyphen to make sense. Does this truck mean "One Big-Ass Mistake, America"? Or "One Big Ass-Mistake, America"? If it is the latter, this truck is surely mistaken, because America has never made a mistake with its ass. This will surely remain an internal mystery, to be debated for centuries in the future by truck-hieroglyphic experts in the field of truck archaeology. Also from our funny-picture dropbox: a certified Real America use has been found for Sarah Palin's dumb new book.

(Click to see America-sized.)

This would seem to make sense, because why would you want to keep pages around filled with words, which can corrupt your brain with thoughts that aren't precisely your own? (Theoretically; this is a Palin book.) You buy books for the pretty pictures. But it doesn't make sense, because why would anyone hide their love of Nickelback and Call of Duty? Have a little white pride, sheesh. Your devotion to these things should be plastered on the back of your pickup truck, the great canvas of American art. [Truck thing thanks to Wonkette operative "Nathan S."/book thing via "Jack B."]


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