Pickup Truck Thanks Satan For Barack Obama Window

Pickup Truck Thanks Satan For Barack Obama Window

Here is a pickup in Indianapolis that is very thankful that Barack Obama is our president. Whoa, slow down there, truck! It's not even Thanksgiving yet! Leave something to be thankful for!

Obama here is wearing his usual "The Batman" comic-book Halloween costume, so that this truck window works for Thanksgiving and Halloween. And around Christmas time he can add a little green garland around it. How creative and festive!

Yes, it's too bad it took Obama a full two years to kill that Constitution. Black presidents are so lazy, right? It's kind of funny how that document survived the suspension of habeas corpus and other threats, but it couldn't withstand the fact that it allowed the election of a black president. The Constitution kind of sounds like a pussy, if you ask us. And it makes sense that this truck would honor such a pussy document; it doesn't even have truck nutz. Shameful.

Anyway, yes, thank you Satan for making this very nice truck window design. [thanks to Wonkette operative "Pete" for the photo]


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