Picture The Greatest Charlie Rose Panel Ever Assembled

Strip away the software, the hardware, the ass-fucking jokes, and what's blogging really about? The celebrity, stupid. To capitalize on this immutable truth, Arianna Huffington has assembled a roster of premium gasbags that promises to make the typical National Press Club circle jerk seem like, well, a National Press Club circle jerk. Who's in her crew? For starters, Tina Brown, Jann Wenner, Nora Ephron, David Mamet, Rob Reiner, and Gary Hart. "Picture the greatest Charlie Rose panel ever assembled," Huff puffs in a recent missive, but that description hardly does her concept justice.

Instead, think Hollywood Squares, plus the political insights Tom Bergeron just can't deliver. Think the Algonquin Round Table, transcribed as thoroughly as a White House presser. To ensure maximum half-assery, Arianna's offering valet snarking to her conspirators: "We're setting up a system wherein you'll be able to e-mail or phone in your latest take, which our editorial team will fact-check and turn into a blog post." Or, heck, if you're really busy, just give us your publicist's number and we'll get a statement! The launch happens in April; if Huffington can get Pat O'Brien to commit, we're predicting an August IPO. In the meantime, pardon us while we shed a nostalgic tear for the glory days of Pop.com. Does this mean Kozmo.com's coming back too?

When Will Tina Brown Blog? [Business 2.0]


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