Pig Book Released

even their pix are clicheToday saw the release of Citizens Against Government Waste's annual "Pig Book," complete with "Oinkers of the Year." Oh, they're hilarious with the word play, those citizens against government waste, and the same light touch characterizes the names of the awards:

"The Out, Out Damn Pork! Award for $2.25 million in various Shakespeare-related funding."

"The Gobbling Up Tax Dollars Award for $538,000 for the National Wild Turkey Federation."

"The Soaking the Taxpayers Award to Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) for $50 million for an indoor rainforest in Coralville, Iowa."

We could go on. (And they do.) One item in this relentless list of puns in search of a joke did catch our eye: $100,000 for the "Kids Rock Free Educational Program." (This got the -- can you guess? -- "The Taxpayers Can't Get No Satisfaction Award.") Government-funded rock for the kids? I guess we'd better thank The Man for once. We're wondering, though: Would "I'm Just a Bill" count? Or perhaps this is an elaborate play to get "The Singing Senators" back together for a reunion tour.

Still, government-funded rock can't be any worse than free-market comedy.

Pig Book [CAGW.org]


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