Pilots Also Being Herded Into Naked-Camera TSA Machines


Do you enjoy having three or four obese high-school dropouts looking at you naked, through your clothes, simply because you have a plane to catch? Welcome to America! Also, pilots are getting randomly grabbed by these moronic security guards and pointed to the Naked Camera Machines. This one pilot apparently said, "Uh, no, I'm a pilot in uniform and I don't wish to have you sub-human blobs looking at my junk."

Via Cryptogon, we enjoyed (?) this account on the libertarian/right-wing blog LewRockwell.com:

As I loaded my bags onto the X-ray scanner belt, an agent told me to remove my shoes and send them through as well, which I’ve not normally been required to do when passing through the standard metal detectors in uniform. When I questioned her, she said it was necessary to remove my shoes for the AIT scanner. I explained that I did not wish to participate in the AIT program, so she told me I could keep my shoes and directed me through the metal detector that had been roped off. She then called somewhat urgently to the agents on the other side: "We got an opt-out!" and also reported the "opt-out" into her handheld radio. On the other side I was stopped by another agent and informed that because I had "opted out" of AIT screening, I would have to go through secondary screening. I asked for clarification to be sure he was talking about frisking me, which he confirmed, and I declined. At this point he and another agent explained the TSA’s latest decree, saying I would not be permitted to pass without showing them my naked body, and how my refusal to do so had now given them cause to put their hands on me as I evidently posed a threat to air transportation security (this, of course, is my nutshell synopsis of the exchange). I asked whether they did in fact suspect I was concealing something after I had passed through the metal detector, or whether they believed that I had made any threats or given other indications of malicious designs to warrant treating me, a law-abiding fellow citizen, so rudely. None of that was relevant, I was told. They were just doing their job.

Eventually the airport police were summoned. Several officers showed up and we essentially repeated the conversation above. When it became clear that we had reached an impasse, one of the more sensible officers and I agreed that any further conversation would be pointless at this time. I then asked whether I was free to go. I was not. Another officer wanted to see my driver’s license. When I asked why, he said they needed information for their report on this "incident" – my name, address, phone number, etc. I recited my information for him, until he asked for my supervisor’s name and number at the airline ....

It's cute how the TSA animals have learned this new term, "opt-out," and are already using it as well as they use the rest of the English language. Anyway, you do not have to go through the naked-picture machine. In fact, it's a good idea while you're in the security line to talk to your fellow passengers and encourage everyone to "opt out." What happens when a couple of hundred travelers in line simply say "No thanks" to the disgusting porn machines? How will the borderline-retarded TSA slobs react? They clearly don't know what to do when even one person from a flight crew says "Nah." Also, don't travel on commercial airlines and move away from this idiot country. [LewRockwell.com]


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