Pirates, Sheiks, And Robber Barons

  • Those crazy Somali pirates who took over a Ukranian ship four months ago are ready to let it go now that a ransom has reportedly been paid. Pirates! [CNN]
  • A new provision in the stimulus bill gives homebuyers a big fat tax credit, which is great, but they still can't buy a house unless the banks agree to LEND to them, which they won't. [New York Times]
  • Experts say that one of the "unintended consequences" of Obama's new salary caps at bailed-out firms is that salaries across the financial industry may sink. Uh, experts? That is an intended consequence. On the other hand, the bit where all the real smarties end up going to small boutique investment firms, safe from the restrictions of the bailout, does seem like an actual downside. [USA Today]
  • Oh Jesus of course the AP is coming after Shepard Fairey for copyright infringement. [AP]
  • The sheiks who led the US-backed Sunni Awakening in Anbar province say that Sunni politicians committed election fraud. The sheiks are ready to take over the province by force. [Washington Post]
  • Congresspeople yukked it up and made jokes about Barney Frank's many ex-boyfriends at the fancy Washington Press Club Foundation's Annual Congressional Dinner last night. [The Hill]

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