Plague of Plastic Fetuses Reminds Racine of Its Sins

Dave Obernberger is just a regular Midwestern guy with a unobtrusive hobby: crusading to halt the government-sanctioned wholesale slaughter of the unborn in Racine, Wisconsin. Recently, to mark the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, he sent a small, plastic fetus to every single one of the 44,000 households in Racine on behalf of the group Wisconsin Right to Life. It did make some people mad, but it got Dave and his bizarre and probably treatable mental health issue on the local teevee, as you can see.

Even if you have to sadly target your dead baby mailings next time, Dave, keep up the good work. It's totally people like you that are keeping the abortion rate down in this country for sure and a grateful nation thanks you. Also, residents of Racine, Wisconsin: please send some little plastic fetuses to Megan so she might give them out as Valentines this upcoming St. Valentine's Day. Thanks. [WISN]


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