Planned Parenthood's "Birthday for Birthcontrol"

no seriously phil the pill thats what they call himToday is the anniversary of Griswold v. Connecticut, the case that made birth control legal for married couples and began the long, emotionally fraught struggle for women's reproductive rights. What better way to celebrate than with an anthropomorphized Pill and some cupcakes? You're invited to Union Station, where a "giant birth control pill and pill pack, joined by Planned Parenthood and pro-choice supporters from the capital area will hand out birthday cupcakes for Griswold's 40th 'birthday.'"

We can sort of imagine the strategy session on this one.

Reproductive Rights Activist #1: "Hey, it's the 40th anniversary of Griswold. At a time when the stridently pro-life Bush administration has the power to appoint judges who are increasingly rolling back women's right to choose, what symbol can we drive home the urgency of the constitutional right to birth control?"

Reproductive Rights Activist #2: "Bloody coathangers?"

RR #1: "So alienating!"

RR #2: "A giant plush figure?"

RR #1: "Brilliant! But what are we trying to say?

RR #2: "Birth control! You know, for kids!"

And as for the cupcakes? Well, just don't ask what treat they're going to give away to commemorate Roe v. Wade.

Giant Pill Will Visit the Hill on June 7 to Celebrate 40th Anniversary of U.S. Supreme Court Ruling that Protected Use of Birth Control Nationwide [Planned Parenthood]

Celebrating 40 Years of Protected Birth Control [Planned Parenthood]


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