Playing Games With the President

While the President's iPod has been getting all the press this week, a reader says it's not even Dubya's favorite digital entertainment device. Normally, we'd be wary of passing along unsubstantiated rumors of a non-sexual nature. But since a New York magazine writer says Sy Hersh says it's O.K. to say stuff in public lectures that you wouldn't say in print, just pretend you're at a public lecture and that Sy Hersh, rather than an anonymous reader, is telling you this:

"My friend told ME that the secret service agent's sister told HIM that the secret service agent told HER that the president spends two hours a day every day playing video games. So part of everybody's daily routine at the white house are these two hours of downtime while POTUS manipulates his joystick."

Fun, huh? You learned something new about the president, and you didn't even have to buy a lecture ticket.

Sy Hersh Says It


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