Playing With Your Children Is For Losers, Says Business Insider

Playing With Your Children Is For Losers, Says Business Insider

Nothing says “winning” like abandoning your loved ones to make money for your corporate overlords, amiright guys? I mean, is the guy in the $6,000 suit going to have a “work-life balance”? COME ON. He is not, because he is a WINNER, because as Business Insider kindly explains at us, work-life balance is for LOSERS (or at least, it’s for people who are not WINNERS). So if you want to make it to the top, you will man up and work 70 hours a week and if you are a winner, you will LIKE it.

From the good people at Business Insider, who have magnanimously brought us an article called "Real Winners Don't Have Work-Life Balance":

Recently, Glencore Xstrata PC CEO Ivan Glasenberg argued that executives who start to focus on family and hobbies will find themselves undercut and replaced by ones who don't.

It's easy to dismiss these attitudes as outdated, macho, and unreasonable. But it's possible that people seeking work-life balance are just avoiding finding a way to work extremely hard and be very happy about it.

It’s totally possible! Who doesn’t like spending all of their waking hours in a little cubicle hunched over a computer screen, away from lame distractions like, say, their children and spouses? LOSERS, that’s who. Playing Uno with your kids is cute and all, but it's not going to contribute to the bottom line, so why are we even TALKING about it, honestly.

[Workaholics], who are "out-of balance" in the usual sense of the word, find motivation and satisfaction in devoting themselves to something and making a difference. That comes with a caveat of course. Sleep is non-negotiable. "If you need your eight hours, you get it," Nemko says. If you sleep eight hours a night, that still leaves you a hundred hours a week.

See? A HUNDRED hours per week! Imagine all the money you could make for shareholders in that hundred hours. And imagine how much fun you'll have when you finally get to retire at age 65 (assuming you live that long) and can spend the few years you have left enjoying the money you made during the best years of your life. Doesn't that sound awesome? So awesome.

"The real winners of the world, the people that are the most productive, think that this notion of work-life balance is grossly overrated," Nemko told Business Insider. "Most of the highly successful and not-burned out people I know work single-mindendly towards a goal they think is important, whether it's developing a new piece of software, inventing something, or a cardiologist who's seeing patients on nights and weekends instead of playing Monopoly with his kids on the weekend."

Don't you want to be a "real winner?" Of course you do. Because if you are not a winner, you are a "real loser," and no one wants to be one of those.

Except ladies, maybe, which should be obvious.

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