Pleasant Young Gay In Anguish Over Dinners At White House

Pleasant Young Gay In Anguish Over Dinners At White House

Some guy who was college buddies with Barbara Bush (the young one) went to the White House for dinner a couple times during George W. Bush's first term, and now he feels icky about it because of the war, and because he is gay. Is this just a completely banal retelling of a fairly boring bunch of stories, or is it the most fascinating thing ever...OR BOTH?

Here are some nifty things we learn from our intrepid essayist, C. Brian Smith:

  • He had half a "marijuana cigarette" (that's "joint" in ghetto parlance, yes?) in his pack of Camel Lights the first time he went to the White House.
  • Barney the dog farts a lot.
  • Laura Bush is "impossibly delightful."
  • The President insisted on giving this guy the dumbest nickname you can ever hope to give a Smith (trust your editor on this one!), which is "Smitty."
  • The President drinks a lot of "non-beer."
  • This guy Brian eventually felt bad that he had dinner, like a civilized person, with his college friend's dad because his college friend's dad turned out to be a warmongering creep.

Dude lighten up, there is nothing wrong with a couple free dinners, especially when you're 22! It's not like you chaired his re-election campaign or led his stupid war into a ditch. YOU ATE CHICKEN POT PIE WITH THE MAN, YOU DO NOT GO TO HELL FOR THAT.

My Dinners with Dubya [Vanity Fair]


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