Please, Congress, Save Our Flag From Deep-Frying

The state that most fears the Black Man having sexual intercourse with the White Gal has yet another Traditional Southern Values scandal, and this time it involves deep fryers ... and little American flags, which were tastily battered in with egg, flour and pepper before being dropped in hot peanut oil.

More evidence of America's starving class trying to make dinner from tired political symbols? No! The fried flags were part of some stupid "art exhibit" called "The Fat Is In the Fire." You know, because Americans are so fat -- the ones who aren't starving to death, anyway. Also, there were some flags with banal slogans printed on them, and any sort of writing on an American flag is very illegal unless you're George W. Bush.

The Custom House Museum in Clarksville, Tennessee, actually let the dumb art remain for a day or so, but now it's gone. It's a military town, etc. As for the untalented young artist, he says he feels "extremely censored" but "a certain amount of censorship is necessary, of course." Go Tennessee!

Museum withdraws altered, fried flags [Gannett Tennessee]


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