Please Contribute To Californians For Obama (Not Affiliated With Barack Obama's Campaign In Any Way)

'Brother man, this situation is rapidly becoming insalubrious.' - WonketteSo this scam artist starts a website called "Californians for Obama," and what do you know, people happily enter their personal information and credit-card info and give the guy $10,000 -- which he has spent on his own salary, travel, "snacks" and his accountant.

The man behind the scam is "Emmett Cash III -- a self-proclaimed former movie mogul who was a registered Republican until last month" who claims to be behind such blaxploitation horror classics as "Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde." (The Internet Movie DataBase says he has a costuming credit on the beloved 1976 Watts movie.)

Anyway, so the guy solicits donations for Obama (and keeps the money) and sells cruises featuring black celebrities who have no idea they're going on these cruises. In other words, The American Dream.

Join us next week when we change our URL to and ... uh, quietly go bankrupt.



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