Now that Barack Obama haskilled Comedy, America's last best hope for political laffs is a McCain-Romney ticket. And it looks like Mitt Romney may oblige, given the latest development in his years-long quest to be humiliated by, with, and on behalf of John McCain. He has forgiven the $45 million in loans he made to himself so that he could eke out a few more weeks in terrible debates with the cranky old war vet during primary season! And this means he probably wants to be vice president.

Just like Hillary Clinton, another prominent Northeastern plutocrat, Mitt Romney loaned his campaign millions and millions of dollars. But unlike Hillary Clinton, he's not trying to raise money to recoup all those dollars. Instead, he will just suck it up and consider his $45 million well spent in his quest to clinch the office that is, famously, not worth a bucket of warm piss.

With the books thus cleared, he will be free to campaign "vigorously" on behalf of John McCain, who he will strap to the roof of Air Force One on long cross-country trips.

Romney not getting his $45m back [Boston Globe]


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