Hey everybody, all of our servers and computer things are all fucked up and broken, because we only feature top-notch technology here at Wonkette. While our technicians "fix" the "problem," we're planning on moving to a new technology that better serves you, the reader. Please let us know which of these options works best for you:

* GeoCities home page: Share fun pictures and jokes with friends and family! Also: Clinton body count.

* America Online politics channel: You've got mail! Visit our popular Wonkette political section with multi-media sounds. Now with Newt Gingrich's Cyber Corner.

* alt.rubyridge: Subscribe to Wonkette's cutting-edge discussion "news group" and read hundreds of text messages each day about the New World Order.

* Wonkette BBS: Just dial a number in Outer Virginia somewhere and wait for your modem to connect! Then, you can "download" ASCII art of Lee Atwater and Donna Rice!

* Dot-Matrix Poster: Fun for parties! Each 5-1/4 floppy contains three "Wonkette" political banners you can print out on your dot-matrix home computer printer -- GO DUKAKIS, OPERATION DESERT STORM and ONE FOR THE GIPPER.

* Chain letter: Mail five copies of Wonkette's Monthly Briefing to your friends, or Hamilton Jordan will visit your house!

* Wacky double-entendre postcards: Let's hope J. Edgar Hoover doesn't see these naughty novelties going through our nation's mail! One design: WATCH OUT, MELBA! I WENT TO CHESAPEAKE BAY AND I'M COMING HOME WITH THE CRABS!

* Western Union "Wonkette-a-grams"(tm): FDR 4-TERM OUTRAGE. STOP. NEW DEAL NO GOOD? STOP.

* Carrier Pigeons.


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