Please, Walnuts, Take A Nap, Take A LONG NAP


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"Well Tom Brokaw, heh, I'm disappointed about Colin Powell endorsing that Democrat, but I have FIVE Secretary of States in my pocket too, nyah nyah, and good ones at that -- Henry Kissinger, Jim Baker, Larry Eagleburger... Al Haig... heh heh... uhhhhhhhhhhhh... you ever met Al, Tom?... fuck... Tom Brokaw was the fifth... no no no not Brokaw, he's just some plumber I met in Ohio... fuck... seriously fuck my life... Colin Powell was the fif... oh no he endorsed Bono... was it Bono endorsed me?... who Bono is I have no clue whatsoever... Ah yes, Barack Obama was the fifth Secretary of State to endorse me, to answer your question Mr. Cronkite." [YouTube/TPM]


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