Plus, Santorum's Car Has Been On Cinder Blocks For Years

santorumhouse.jpgWe haven't touched on the most recent Santorum scandal yet, but now it's got a funny picture attached, so he were do. The gist: The Santorum family, who live in Virginia, have to pretend to live in Pennsylvania on account of Rick Santorum representing them in the Senate. But they're not very good at pretending, and their PA "neighbors" sorta noticed that their house was empty.

Anyway, the bloggers at the totally unbiased Santorum Exposed have found a picture of Rick's Viriginia home (on the right) and a still from a news video about his Pa home (on the left). What do you notice? Take a good look at the grass. What's different? The correct answer: There are clearly no illegal immigrants in Pennsylvania.

Santorum's Lawn in Penn Hills [Santorum Exposed]


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