Plus, Who Even Knows If This Guy, Barack Obama, Is Capable Of Giving A Decent Speech?


  • K-Lo (who we'll remind you is now a Serious Artist and would like to be called by her Christian name, "Jennifer Lopez") is terribly upset that Obama is speaking at Notre Dame's commencement because Obama is pro-choice and is therefore incapable of reciting vaguely inspirational pleasantries for 25 minutes. [Firedoglake]
  • Ditto Newt Gingrich, a non-Cathlolic, who doesn't think Obama, also a non-Catholic, is Catholic enough. [Media Matters]
  • Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton tried to give the Russians a red button with the word "reset" on it, for friendship (?), except of course obviously the state department was incapable of correctly translating this single word. [Daily Intel]
  • Here is Meghan McCain, wearing her old costume from Phoenix Senior High's freshman-and-sophomores-only production of Chicago, talking about how she can't add. You know, with numbers. Meghan McCain for Notre Dame commencement speaker! [The XX Factor]
  • Some Washington middle schoolers got to hang out with Obama today and watch him hang out with space astronauts and talk about Tang, for such is their wont. [The Caucus]

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