Police and Thieves In the Street


  • Global stock markets just cold went nuts because of, perhaps, the G20 deal. [BBC News]

  • You know how all those unsold new cars are just piling up everywhere? That's not good for the auto industry! [Washington Post]
  • DC Mayor Adrian Fenty might let out a lot of prisoners, to save money! These will be good prisoners who get a GED or whatever, so don't worry. [MyFoxDC]
  • Remember that NFL scumbag who made millions of dollars yet still thought a great hobby was fighting dogs to death? He will soon be out of jail, and has a "construction job" waiting. Good thing there's no construction work! But still, maybe he'll get a day job, for the ESPN cameras or whatever, and then a million-pound iron i-beam will fall on his skull, the end. [CNN]
  • Remember that Ward Churchill guy who got fired from the college in Colorado because he was (allegedly) a fraud? A court ruled he was unlawfully fired, and gave him a dollar. Go nuts, Red State! [Daily Camera]
  • Whoa hey Google might buy Twitter. But, uhm, how does that help America kill Twitter? [TechCrunch]

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