Nice Alabama Ladies Feeding, Spaying Feral Cats convicted of CRIMING

'You're on the property. You've got cat food. It's pretty clear what your intent is.'

Two criminal scofflaws were finally brought to justice Tuesday, as a municipal court judge in Wetumpka, Alabama, found co-conspirators Mary Alston, 61, and Beverly Roberts, 85, guilty on multiple misdemeanor charges for their breaches of the peace. The two ne'er-do-wells were arrested in June because they'd been feeding feral cats on city property as part of a feline-smuggling ring in which they'd trap the unhoused animals, get them spayed or neutered, and re-release them, the most common method of controlling feral cat populations.

Don't you go wasting any animal lover tears over the cat ladies' comeuppance either, because the city had already told them to knock it off. They're repeat offenders. Hardened felines, if you will.

Beverly Roberts, left, and Mary Alston on Dec. 13. (Washington Post, Courtesy of Mary King)

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San Francisco Hits Pause Button On Killer Robots ... FOR NOW

Click on this story. You have 30 seconds to comply.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted yesterday to reverse its week-old policy that would have allowed police to use robots for deadly force, following widespread protest and mockery of the idea both locally and nationwide. The supervisors voted unanimously to instead ban the deadly use of robots, but also sent the matter to a committee to study it further and make recommendations. So at some point in the not-too-distant future (next Sunday AD), it's possible that killer robots may yet see limited use, like in special circumstances where police really wanna.

The Associated Press notes that when the Board voted last week to allow lethal use of robots in "extreme circumstances," the city's police department made clear the robots would not be armed with guns, so look at our main image up there just lying to you. Instead, in situations where lives are at risk, cops wanted to have the ability to have robots use explosives to "contact, incapacitate or disorient dangerous or armed suspects."

Read Morre, Hu-Mon ! Dallas Probably Doesn't Signal Rise Of Police Death Robots. At Least Not Yet. Probably.

That's how the first known deadly use of a police robot occurred back in 2016, as we covered in Wonkette at the time: Dallas police used a bomb squad robot to detonate an explosive charge near a sniper who had already shot and killed five officers. In an earlier, non-lethal case, a police bot in New Mexico was used to deliver chemical irritants that helped flush out an armed suspect barricaded in a hotel room.

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January 6

Capitol Cops To Mitch McConnell: Aaayyyyy, Go F*ck Yourself

Oh no, cops and grieving family members politicize insurrection.

Poor Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy were snubbed today at a ceremony to honor police officers with the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honor given by the US Congress, for their service in defending the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. The ceremony was held in the Capitol Rotunda, where almost two years ago Trump supporters had called for the 2020 election to be overturned and for members of Congress and then-Vice President Mike Pence to be killed for not just handing permanent power to Donald Trump.

McConnell was among the congressional leaders on hand to speak in praise of the Capitol Police and DC Metropolitan Police officers who fought back against the mob that day. He said very nice things about the officers who protected the lives of members of Congress:

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Hero Tampa Police Chief Resigns After Trying To Bribe Her Way Out Of Traffic Ticket

It was probably cheaper to just pay the fine.

Last month, Pinellas Sheriff’s Deputy Larry Jacoby pulled over Tampa, Florida, Police Chief Mary O’Connor and her husband Keith for driving on the road in a golf cart, an unregistered vehicle, near the gated Oldsmar, Florida, community of East Lake Woodlands.

In the just-released body camera footage, Keith O’Connor explained that they’d stopped for food at a nearby restaurant and didn’t normally drive the cart on public roads, which is illegal and all. Jacoby let O’Connor explain things without beating the crap out of him. He was already getting the “White Person Deluxe” police treatment, but Mary O’Connor wanted more.

She asked if the deputy’s camera was on, and he said, “yes.” That’s when she should’ve just accepted the ticket and moved on with her life, but she nonetheless proceeded to flash her badge at the deputy. "I’m the police chief in Tampa,” she said. “I’m hoping you’ll just let us go tonight.”

Jesus, lady, you’re just getting a ticket! He didn’t even “confuse” the perfume you’re wearing for rum.

Dig how scuzzy she is in the video.

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