Appeals Court: Parole Officers Can't Force Parolees To Accept Jesus Christ As Personal Savior

Atheist Mark Janny will now be able to sue for being sent back to prison for refusing to practice Christianity.

In America, we have freedom of religion — which means people are allowed to practice whatever religion they want, or no religion at all. It's in the Constitution. Some people, naturally, are confused about this, and instead believe they have the freedom to require others to practice their religion. This has caused a great many problems in our great nation over the years.

One such person is Colorado Department of Corrections Parole Officer John Gamez, who regularly required his parolees to live at a Christian homeless shelter he had an informal arrangement with, which forced them to practice Christianity whether they believed in it or not. On Friday, the US Appeals Court for the Tenth Circuit granted one of Gamez's parolees, Mark Janny, permission to sue him for it, finding that Americans have "the basic right to be free from state-sponsored religious coercion."

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Palo Alto Cops Sue Art For Being Mean

This lawsuit was brought to you, no really, by the letter E.

Five cops have filed a lawsuit saying they're being harassed ... by a Black Lives Matter mural that no longer exists.

Yes, really.

Last week, Eric Figueroa, Michael Foley, Chris Moore, Robert Parham, and Jule Tannock — who deserve to be named and shamed, and we're happy to help! — sued the city of Palo Alto and the Palo Alto Police Department in Santa Clara County Superior Court for discriminating against them by having a Black Lives Matter mural.

It almost goes without saying that this lawsuit is a disgusting, fucked up, racist piece of garbage. But sometimes you have to just choose to find things like this hilarious instead of horrifying. Especially after living through the last five years.

So, basically, I'm pretty sure I have a new favorite lawsuit. Let's read this thing!

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Nice Time

Nice Time! Three Good Things Happened In Law This Week!

Really, really good things!

Even with President Joe Biden and not that evil orange lump in the White House, a lot of things still suck — particularly when we're talking about the legal world.

But guess what!

Some actual, good things happened in the law this week!


So, as a special Friday afternoon treat for you, I am going to take off my misanthropy hat and try my hand at giving you some happy news. At least this once.

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National Politics

GOP Senators Support Infrastructure Bill They Negotiated, Wait No They Don't, Just Kidding They Do, Wait ...

It's your Sunday show rundown!

A few days ago, President Joe Biden announced that a bipartisan deal had been reached for infrastructure. But the GOP was hoping this meant Democrats would stop pursuing any other separate infrastructure bill. And even though the White House clarified this, Republicans raced to see who could Lucy-with-the-football the deal first, because of all the betrayal. (Politico Playbook reports this morning that the GOP "rebellion" has mostly settled down, at least for now.)

Of course none of this tyranny of the minority would be possible if self-appointed king Senator Joe Manchin would use the leverage he has on Republicans, rather than his own party, as Jonathan Karl on ABC's "This Week" pointed out:

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