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Yesterday In Labor History: The Goddamn Pinkertons

'There is a set of men nay, beasts for you! Pinkerton detectives! They would do anything.' — Labor organizer Lucy Parsons

Shoot, we were supposed to run this yesterday to actually mark the date of the anti-labor atrocity in the first paragraph, but since the Pinkerton Agency's brutal history of strikebreaking is a timeless stain on US history, today works too. — Dok Zoom

On January 18, 1887, Pinkerton detectives killed a 14-year-old boy in Jersey City, New Jersey, during a coal wharves strike. This murder, like so many of the period by the Pinkertons and other agencies developed to protect employer interests from workers, is a sign of the murderous attitude of business, police, and politicians toward American workers during the Gilded Age. Nothing is more emblematic of these attitudes than the hated Pinkertons.

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Idaho Sheriff Pulled Gun On Youth Group Girls, Teaching Important Lesson About Giving Thanks

They should be thankful to be alive, for starters.

The sheriff of eastern Idaho's Bingham County has been charged with a load of felonies after a November 9 incident in which he waved a gun at a group of girls and their youth group leader, pulling the leader out of a car by her hair, then cursing and threatening to shoot the lot of them. The girls were on a pre-Thanksgiving crime spree in which they left paper turkey cutouts on people's doors, then knocked and ran away giggling like the 12- to 16-year-olds they are. Sheriff Craig Rowland was charged Tuesday by the Idaho Attorney General's office with "aggravated battery, aggravated assault, and exhibition of a deadly weapon."

Well damn. You hold a gun in the face of one Mormon youth group leader ...

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January 6

DC National Guard Commanders Aren't Going To Let Mike Flynn's Brother Pin This Sh*t On Them

No punches pulled here.

Former DC National Guard leaders are coming out swinging against a November 16 Inspector General Report that appeared to exonerate top Army staff and blame the slow deployment of guardsmen to the Capitol on January 6 on DCNG commanders. Politico got its hands on a memo written by Army Colonel Earl G. Matthews summarizing his own recollections of the day and those of Major General (Retired) William J. Walker, U.S. Army, who served as commanding general of the DCNG, and it is blistering.

Matthews begins: "The purpose of this memorandum is to outline and detail the myriad inaccuracies, false or misleading statements, or examples of faulty analysis contained in a recent publicly released Department of Defense Inspector General (DoDIG) report of its investigation into the Department of Defense’s actions leading up to and in response to the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol which occurred on 6 January 2021." He then tears into the IG for relying on anonymous, self-serving accounts, full of obvious contradictions, to produce a report "replete with factual inaccuracies, discrepancies and faulty analysis" resting on "demonstrably false testimony or statements."

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Daily Mail Got Police Report About Corey Lewandowski, And It Is NASTY

Don't talk about your dick at dinner. Just don't.

YIKES! The Daily Mail got its hands on the police report filed by Trump donor Trashelle Odom in which she alleges she was sexually harassed by a shitfaced Corey Lewandowski at a fundraiser, and it is WOW.

Odom and her husband John are major Republican donors, having contributed $100,000 to Trump's super PAC, Make America Great Again Action. Lewandowski headed the PAC until last week, when he got yeeted out after Odom's story broke. Because apparently you can be alllllll kinds of disgusting, but the one unpardonable sin in Trumpland is to mess with the money.

Just kidding, he'll probably get put in time out for ten minutes, then wind up in the inner circle again when Trump thinks nobody's looking. Take that one to the bank.

Anyway, with all due respect for sexual assault and harassment survivors, and without in any way diminishing what this woman went through, we present the Ten Most WTF Moments from Trashelle Odom's Police Report Regarding Corey Lewandowski's Conduct at a Las Vegas Benihana on September 16.

Obviously this is all "allegedly," whether we remembered to type "allegedly" after every horrifying allegation or not.

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