PoliGawk: Whoring the Corporate Way

A week's worth of politics, Gawker Media Empire style:

J-Lo's minions humiliate PETA activist Heather Mills. [Gawker]

LA saved from blackout mayhem by "rescue specialist" Sean Penn. [Defamer]

Bomb disposal truck apparently smarter than its drivers. [Gizmodo]

New Orleans has always been about titties. Now make titties about New Orleans. [Fleshbot]

The bright side of high fuel prices: Still cheaper than cigarettes. "Quit smoking and start huffing gas." [Jalopnik]

Of course the new Jeep is called "The Patriot." Of course. [Jalopnik]

When videogames are outlawed, only outlaws will have video games. [Kotaku]

Screenhead points to "The Truth about PETA," W's "Asshole," "Katrina: The Gathering," "Get Your War On does Hurricane Katrina," and "Recall George."

We are apparently very lame. [Gawker]


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