Political Auctions on eBay

At eBay, "Imaginary Foreign Leader Endorsement" for sale. Current high bid: $14,999.00 (kim_jong_ii).

    If you want to make a current president jealous, look better in front of your political buddies who have real foreign relations experience, or if you are just a liar who got called out on your bogus campaign lies, this is the auction for you!!! As the imaginary leader of a foreign nation who supports your candidacy, I’ll play along with you with whatever you want me to say.

That's nothing, though. Some seller called charge_to_keep43 sold "Contract to Rebuild Iraq" last year for, like, loads more.

UPDATE: We totally forgot -- the record price in a political auction on eBay was when ketchup_king bought "A Chance to Run for President" for $6 million. (No word as to whether he's also bidding on the endorsement.)

Imaginary Foreign Leader Endorsement [eBay.com]


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