Political Correction: The White Man's Burden

what_would_reagan_doWe received a note in response to our Village People-themed caption that accompanied a picture of a Native American paying his respects to Our Fallen Leader:

I’m all for equal opportunity criticism, but this kind of comment is all Indians get in the media (even the supposedly enlightened and all-inclusive blogosphere).  The man in the picture is a veteran and a representative of his tribal government.  Indians get screwed by the media and the government every day; we at least deserve some respect when we act in our traditional ways to honor the leaders of our country.
This is an excellent point. At least that guy (who is a Sioux, not a Village Person) dressed up for the occasion. Most of the people there to view the casket are in shorts and flip-flops -- maybe they're Kerry supporters or something, but if we ran the Capitol, we'd be handing out jackets and ties and turning people away if they had a visible panty line. And, you know, putting a flag on an article of clothing doesn't make "nice." Sheesh. At least they seem to have left their beer helmet hats at home.

[AP Photo/Elise Amendola, AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta]

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