Political Fundraising Metaphors Are Becoming Distressingly Literal

dukes_photo13.jpgIt's one of the oldest cliches in politics, and this year it seems like it's never been more true: As Jessica Simpson goes, so goes the Nation.

Jessica Simpson snubs Bush
'It's never been a problem for Bono,' NRCC spokesman responds
Although Simpson's publicists insisted she never had planned to attend the fund-raiser, Forti said the actress initially accepted the NRCC invitation when it was extended on Tuesday night, only to change her mind the next evening.

Forti said the Republican group had even arranged for Simpson to dine at one of the head tables with House Majority Leader John Boehner, an Ohio Republican. The NRCC hopes the $2,500-per-plate dinner event will raise $7.5 million for Republican candidates in the congressional midterm elections in November.

Well, Bush has lost America's Sweetheart. But, uh, some others are less concerned about "politicizing" their public personae or their pet causes. Porn Star Mary Carey will still be attending the fundraiser, for the second year in a row, and "at the invitation" of the NRCC. We don't know why World Net Daily is the only source for that particular news, but we don't care, because it just makes the piece all the funnier. Some excerpts from the nutcases our good friends at WND:


* "The NRCC is the same group that accepted $5,000 from Carey and her pornographer [...] and allowed the pair to take part at the 2005 Flag Day Dinner" [Illustrated w/ picture at right]

* Carey: "Everyone thinks that politicians are stuffy, but we all had a great time last year, and I had fun signing a lot of autographs. Wait till they see that I have lost 20 pounds since the last time they saw me. Watch out Mr. President!"

* "Despite having numerous sexual partners, she remains proud of her occupation."

We're are so appending that last sentence to our resumes.

Jessica Simpson Snubs Bush [CNN]

Jessica Snubs Bush, Porn Starlet Doesn't [WND]


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