Political Posturing: Shrinking Christians

kind of obvious but there you goAshcroft, Evans resign; next attorney general could be first Hispanic (Gonzales) or African American (Thompson) to serve, or Racicot. [WP, WP, NYT, NYT, USAT, WSJ]

Dems are defiant, hope GOP's stranglehold on government gives lie to idea of Democrats as the problem. Pelosi: "The president won't be able to blame anyone, because the Republicans have full control." [WP]

Bush makes sixth visit to wounded troops at Walter Reed: "[I]t's so uplifting to see their spirit, their drive to become rehabilitated, their love of their country, their support of the mission." [NYT]

Rove highlights significance of gay marriage laws: "I do think it was part and parcel of a broader fabric where this year moral values ranked higher than they traditionally do. . . I think people would be well advised to pay attention to what the American people are saying." [NYT]

Liberal Christian leaders grumble "values voters" oversimplifies, misrepresents their motivations: "How can you shrink all of our Christian ethics and values down to one or two hot-button issues?" [LAT, WP]

Bush sees immigration reform as a priority; Powell tells Mexican officials administration wants temporary workers program but passage is difficult. [WP, NYT, WT]

KE04 officials deny conspiracy theories, doubt any irregularities would have changed outcome. [BG]

Frist under pressure of high expectations to unite party and win over a few Democrats; also could be eyeing '08 run. [LAT]

Republicans believe ANWR drilling could be running next year. [WSJ]

Nader, citing irregularities favoring Bush, calls for recount in New Hampshire. [WP]

Shapiro suspects Democrats divided into four quadrants: the party of cultural permissiveness; the anti-war party; the party of economic justice; the status quo party. [USAT]

Pennsylvania Avenue reopens for pedestrians. [USAT]

[AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee]


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