Political Pyramid Scheme Likely To Raise Millions From Paultards

A new Paultard site called "The 19th of April" has released the most innovative grassroots strategy for Ron Paul since Ron Paul Racing. It outlines the strategy of "PowerVote," a real bottom-up pressure cooker of modern political activism. PowerVote is not for the faint of heart, writes the site's creator: "If you think that you already know everything there is to know about politics, leave this page. But if you are open to new ideas and truly want to be part of something revolutionary, read on." But how will PowerVote make the gold standard return? If you'd like to hear about an exciting investment opportunity for you and your loved ones, with just a small down payment, read on.

Here's the summarized version of how PowerVote works:

* A holding account is established for Political Cause A. Ordinary middle-class Americans like you deposit money to this account, with the guarantee that you will receive a full refund. You have their word!

* Once there is enough money, Congress members one-by-one will be offered an ultimatum to abandon their opposition to Political Cause A or face a "very wealthy challenger" in the next election, as funded by them.

* "Most incumbents will not want to face a well-funded challenger in the next election and, one-by-one, will comply with the demand of PowerVote."

* In "the rare event" that contingency plans come into play, and the Congress member does not give into this threat, donors have the option of receiving a full refund or donating that money to the would-be wealthy challenger's PayPal account.

Or you could donate money to this site, and never see it again. Is that something that could happen?

[The 19th of April]


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