Politico's Ben White Now A Pissy Junior High School Girl We Guess

Politico's Ben White Now A Pissy Junior High School Girl We Guess

Ehrmagerd you guys did you hear what Hilary said about Ben and how Ben just totally lost his shit? And it was all over Twitter and Mediaite and now it's on Wonket? OH. THE. DRAMA.

OK, and we should also mention that this is a story about a Twitter fight between a blogger and a former New York Times reporter who now writes for Politico.

See, it sort of got started two weeks ago when Hilary, who runs Chartgirl.com, said that she thought that Ben White was the hottest economics guy at Politico and that it was, like, a major crime that Business Insider left Ben off their list of World's Smokinest Econ Journalists (which is an actual thing, would you believe?) and so she thought they they were BFFs and then when Ben changed his Twitter profile picture to that smirky thing up there, Hilary tweeted "Meh on the new profile pic," and she thought it would be fine because after all, he even said he thought it was a funny picture, and they were buds, right?

Well, NO, because Ben kinda went apeshit and we're just glad this all happened on Twitter and not in the hall!

And then Ben disinvited Hilary from his party and probably unfriended her on Facebook we bet, and she was all, "I just don't understand, it's only a picture, I didn't say I don't like YOU!"

And by now Ben is like ready to strike down upon Hilary with great vengeance because she sorta said he was ugly, even though she said she didn't?

And by now Hilary is just all, "Fine, what-EVER, it was just a joke, GOD."

But Ben's still sobbing and furiously deleting all the Facebook photos that Hilary is in, because she is SO DEAD to him:

And then Hilary tries a couple more apologies, and reminds him about how she totally thought he belonged on that Business Insider list, and Ben changed his profile photo back to his old one, and then sent a follow-up message:

And by now, Hilary's thinking maybe Ben has to be joking, because come on, monster?

But Ben's not quite finished yet, and Hilary just throws her hands up in the air and goes to her locker:

And then he blocked her, but after a while, he cooled off and apologized and even plugged Hilary's charts in one of his tweets. Ben deleted all the dumb tweets he sent, but they are preserved in amber here as a warning to other economics journalists.

It was not clear at press time whether Hilary intends to accept the mix tape that Ben made as a peace offering.

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