Politics On The Brain

brain.jpgAh, the brain... sometimes it works, other times not so much. But it always reacts. And we think that's pretty cool. The New York Times thinks it's pretty cool, too, and conducted an MRI study comparing brain activity reacting to party affiliation (men's brains reacted to Democrat or Republican, but not Independent), Hillary Clinton (photos triggered feelings of conflicting impulses), Mitt Romney (anxiety!), Fred Thompson (empathy), and John Edwards (disgust, negative emotions). Strangely, swing voters had little activity in the areas of thought or feelings on McCain or Obama. You just can't argue with science! After the jump, key findings from the study.

  • Voters sense both peril and promise in party brands.

  • Emotions about Hillary Clinton are mixed.

  • Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani are on opposite sides of the gender divide.

  • The gender gap may be closing.

  • Mitt Romney shows potential.

  • In Rudy Giuliani versus Fred Thompson, the latter evokes more empathy.

  • John Edwards has promise -- and a problem.

  • Barack Obama and John McCain have work to do.

This Is Your Brain on Politics [NYT]


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