Politics Rears Ugly Head at the VMAs

A reader writes: "I'm very suprised and upset that you will not cover last night's booing of the Kerry daughters. . ." Yeah. We're totally refusing to do it, special orders from the Liberal Media Elite and whatnot. If only someone had booed the Bush girls. . . Or, uhm, wait:

It was unclear exactly whom the cheers and the boos were meant for or why. They began immediately after radio and MTV personality Carson Daly introduced "from New York, Barbara and Jenna Bush and here in Miami, Vanessa and Alexandra Kerry."
So confusing. Personally, we think people were upset that there were no racks on display. And others were happy there were no racks on display. Thank God, as Jenna said, "We can all agree on the importance of voting."

Kerry, Bush daughters booed on MTV [CNN]


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