Corey Lewandowski, Never Go Full 'Work Sets You Free'

Hope the $70 was worth it.

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski made a big damn fool of himself on the internet, recording a video in which he said the phrase "work sets you free" either without realizing how familiar that sounded, or just not giving a damn.

Whatever Lewandowski's actual fascist proclivities (factcheck: being a senior Trump adviser is plenty), he didn't just come up with the line himself. Instead, he fell for a very basic prank by some YouTube trolls who perform as "The Serfs." They paid Lewandowski 70 bucks to record the message on Cameo, then posted an edited version of the video to Twitter, with a logo for a nonexistent but vaguely patriotic sounding group, "Alpha Freedom Friends." Here's the tweet:

If you actually type in that "" URL, you're immediately redirected to the donation page for Planned Parenthood, which should be a giveaway that the whole Lewandowschwitz thing is a gag.

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Rudy Giuliani Gonna Put @Jack IN JAIL For Censoring His Bullsh*t Russian Hunter Biden Propaganda!

That escalated dumbly.

Thing the first:

Remember how Senate's Dumbest Republican Ron Johnson read a tweet in public, where people could hear him, that was obviously a joke, about how he had strangled their beloved dog Buttons to death? The tweet, again, obviously a joke, hastened to add that Johnson had done no such thing, it was a lie, but it was important to retweet the story and know that more lies about Ron Johnson were coming. This was in a congressional hearing that featured witnesses Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and @Jack Dorsey of Twitter, and Johnson was just very mad at @Jack for not taking that tweet down. Was that tweet not VOTER SUPPRESSION?

It was not. It was actually a great tweet commenting on Ron Johnson's shameless spreading of Russian propaganda about the Bidens that he has been TOLD ONE MILLION FUCKING TIMES is Russian propaganda.

Thing the second:

Remember how Rudy Giuliani said out loud with his mouth in public that there is about a 50/50 chance his Russian spy sources are Russian spies, but that even if everything he is spreading about the Bidens is 100 percent weapons grade Kremlin bullshit, the American people are "entitled" to hear about it? Yes, for real, he said that, in public, with his mouth!

Well, we have a Giuliani update that ties also into the Ron Johnson story, because Rudy told Sinclair Broadcast Group idiot Eric Bolling that @Jack needs to go to JAIL for not allowing the original debunked New York Post bullshit story on hUnTeR biDEn'S laPToP to be spread far and wide. JAIL, HE SAYS! JAIL!

It came after Dorsey's testimony where Ron Johnson read the funny tweet, where also Dorsey said yeah, Twitter did that, and they were right to do so.

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Nice Time

Texas's Biggest County Tries Crazy Plan: Make It Easy For People To Vote. People Are Voting Like Crazy!

Staying up all night to let you vote, too.

Harris County, Texas, is home to Houston and 4.7 million residents. It's the third-largest county in the USA, and a stronghold for Texas's democratic voters. And it might just be the key to flipping Texas blue in the 2020 presidential race. Whether that happens or not, the Democrats who now run the county have gone to great lengths to make voting easier for residents, which has already resulted in astonishing turnout: More than 1.2 million voters have either voted early or submitted absentee ballots, and pre-Election Day turnout alone looks likely to surpass the county's total number of votes from 2016. Wait, scratch that, it already did.

NBC News notes that in 2016, when the county was under Republican leadership, the budget for elections was just $4 million. Democrats were swept into office by 2018's blue wave in Texas, and they made improving voter turnout a top priority, budgeting $31 million for elections this year. So what is the county doing with all that money? Good things for democracy, even as some bitter old Bircher mutters "It's a republic, damn it!" Here are a few things Harris County did to make the franchise more widely accessible:

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fox news

UPS Found Tucker's Missing Package. Haha, We Said 'Tucker's Missing Package'

In other news, that idiot used UPS.


UPS found it. It wasn't taken by the Deep State or Hillary Clinton or George Soros or any of their operatives. It was not seized. It was not a conspiracy theory.

"After an extensive search, we have found the contents of the package and are arranging for its return," the spokesman said. "UPS will always focus first on our customers, and will never stop working to solve issues and make things right."

Those idiots used UPS. You don't use UPS for things like completely true bombshell documents about Hunter Biden of which there is only one copy.


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