January 6

Turns Out Trump Wasn't Mad About Goons Shouting To 'Hang Mike Pence'

Loyalty's a one-way street.

What if we told you that Donald Trump was not at all bothered by his followers braying to "Hang Mike Pence?" Would you faint dead away to learn that he was pretty chill about threats to the safety of his vice president, and was even annoyed that the Secret Service might throw him in the car and drive away from the Capitol to save him from the mob?

No, you would not. Because you lived through the past five years of this waking nightmare, and you're not a bloody idiot.

You were watching on that horrible day when Trump tweeted to his deranged supporters as they descended on Congress that “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!”

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National Politics

Herschel Walker Will Stop Mass Shootings With Department Of Looking At Young Men Who Are Looking At Young Women Who Are Looking At Social Media

Finally, a fresh new idea for stopping mass shootings!

When we last checked in with OFFICIAL REPUBLICAN GEORGIA SENATE NOMINEE Herschel Walker, he was expressing shock and surprise to learn that Donald Trump thinks the 2020 election was stolen. What? Donald Trump? Thinks the election was stolen? Herschel Walker had never heard him say that! Reporters say that! Not Donald Trump. Pshaw and hooey and poppycock!

Of course, that was earlier in the week. Now Republicans have shifted into Blame New Mass Shooting On Stuff That Isn't Guns mode. And never let it be said that Herschel Walker does not have new ideas. Try this one on for size:

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Right Wing Extremism

David Duke Thanks Tucker Carlson For Spreading 'Great Replacement' Lie, Asks For More Antisemitism

Just some helpful tips for America's top white nationalist.

Following the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke had a message for Tucker Carlson: Thanks for the great job making white supremacist rhetoric the common language of the GOP. On his podcast — of course he has a podcast! — Duke expressed his gratitude for all Carlson does, and hoped that maybe Carlson's success so far would lead him to start introducing more overt antisemitism into his Fox News show, to better advance the white nationalist agenda.

Read More: Tucker's 'Great Replacement' Either Totally Fine Or Doesn't Exist Or HEY WHAT ABOUT RACHEL MADDOW, LIBS?

Media Matters has an audio snippet from the podcast; we'll embed it but you needn't feel obliged to listen.

Duke said that he likes Carlson, and is "thankful for many of the things that he says. I also disagree with him on a number of points, but I think overall, he's the only voice that gets out some of the information at all."

Mr. Duke is an optimist, you see, and he's grateful to see Tucker Carlson burning a cross in the darkness.

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National Politics

Judge Boxwine Doesn't Know Why Y'all So 'Triggered' By Seeing One Little Gun

And some more Fox News hot takes from coverage of America's weekly high-casualty mass shooting!

The wingnut hot takes on the Uvalde, Texas, mass shooting, where 19 beloved children and two of their favorite teachers were gunned down in cold blood, are coming hot and heavy. Why can't wingnuts just be emotionally gutted like the rest of us, and vow that these things shall never again happen in this country? Because that's not what they do.

Here's a new mini-batch, starting with Judge Boxwine AKA Jeanine Boxwine AKA Boxwine Pirro, who doesn't understand why all ye libs are so "triggered" just by seeing a little gun. No, don't worry! This isn't a slurring defense of the school shooters' bad guns! It's a defense of the security guards' good guns!

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