Nancy Pelosi Sees The GOP's Bullsh*t Coming

It's the Sunday show rundown!

White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx appeared on CNN's "State Of The Union" this weekend, where she proved House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's lack of confidence in her is merited:

BIRX: I want to be very clear. What we are seeing today is different from March and April. It is extraordinarily widespread.

Now?! Now it's "widespread"?! Before it was, what, just a hiccup? We are all Meryl Streep right now.

Birx also told CNN:

BIRX: I'm going to do what the CDC guidelines have recommended, and certainly the director. If you have high caseload and active community spread, just like we are asking people not to go to bars, not to have household parties, not to create large spreading events, we are asking people to distance learn at this moment, so we can get this epidemic under control.

On Monday, Nancy Pelosi reiterated why she has so little confidence in Birx:

PELOSI: I don't have confidence in anyone who stands there while the president says [swallowing] Lysol is going to cure your virus. You know, it'll kill you, and you won't have the virus anymore.

And so forth.

As you know by now, Pelosi's statements and Birx's slight disagreement with Trump on school reopenings elicited this response:

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Trump Attacks Dr. Birx, Because We Guess He’s Intent On Exactly Zero Women Voting For Him

Trump's Twitter tirades won't save us from COVID-19.

It's 92 days until the presidential election, which should last about a month. Donald Trump is behind in the polls, but as we're often told, he still has time to turn things around. He just needs to not be Donald Trump for the next three months. Can he do it? Of course not. Come back to reality, for God's sake.

White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx gave an interview Sunday where she expressed concern that the coronavirus is everywhere, including RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

DR. BIRX: It's into the rural as equal urban areas. And to everybody who lives in a rural area, you are not immune or protected from this virus.

Imagine living in a country so stupid that a doctor has to tell idiots that the coronavirus isn't Woody Allen or the ladies from "Sex and the City": COVID-19 will visit rural America without complaint. (And no we don't know what "rural as equal urban areas" means, but we checked. That's what she said.)

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Just How Gross Is Every Powerful Man Who Spent Time With Jeffrey Epstein?

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A federal judge unsealed court documents last week connected to the 2015 defamation case Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed against Ghislaine Maxwell, who was recently arrested for allegedly helping procure underage girls for convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Giuffre filed the suit, which was settled in her favor, almost two decades after the alleged abuse. The unsealed documents go into further detail on the laundry list of powerful men who allegedly had sex with an underage Giuffre, on Epstein and Maxwell's instruction.

At one point, the attorney questioning Giuffre ran down a list of prominent men with whom she said she was told to have sex.

"Other than Glenn Dubin, Stephen Kaufmann, Prince Andrew, Jean-Luc Brunel, Bill Richardson, another prince, the large hotel chain owner and Marvin Minsky, is there anyone else that Ghislaine Maxwell directed you to go have sex with?"

"I am definitely sure there is," Giuffre replied. "But can I remember everybody's name? No."

Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson denied the charge last year, but he seems an unusual name for a supposedly delusional woman to pick out of a hat.

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And by "in force," the RNC Chair means a whole 19 people showed up to protest when the legislature met to pass a law making it safe to vote during a pandemic. And while we're on the subject, WTF is a "clubhouse governor?"

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