15 Real-Life Ghost Stories Likely Inspired By 15 Real-Life Beers. Tabs, Mon., July 26, 2021

Come and get your tabs!

House Rep. Adam Kinzinger will join fellow Republican Liz Cheney on the 1/6 committee. I'll have more to say about this later. (CNN)

Texas man busted for his involvement in the Capitol siege after bragging about it on a dating app. Insurrections don't get you laid like they did in the pre-woke days. (Washington Post)

How a hiker survived for 17 days lost in the Oregon wilderness with the help of a plastic magnifying glass and an underwear hat. (The Oregonian)

The next time my wife suggests we go on a hike, I'll say, “Hell, no" and instead take a brisk walk through Alberta Park in Portland, Oregon, where I can clearly see all the exits.

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Woman Who Doesn't Actually Hate Workers To Lead National Labor Relations Board

A refreshing change of pace from the last four years!

Today, Jennifer Abruzzo was sworn in as the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Yesterday, the Senate confirmed Abruzzo as the NLRB's top lawyer, 51-50, with Kamala casting the tie-breaking vote — so you know just from that that she must be good!

This one was a straight party-line vote, with the ever-milquetoast Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski toeing the Republican line. Richard Burr flipped out during Abruzzo's hearing in front of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee because Abruzzo is a decent human being who champions workers' rights.

Abruzzo is an NLRB veteran who has worked for the organization for more than two decades, as deputy assistant general counsel, deputy regional attorney in Miami, supervisory field attorney, field attorney, and acting general counsel. Before Biden appointed her to his transition team for labor agencies, she was working for the Communication Workers for America (CWA).

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Post-Racial America

Forrest Dumped (​Nathan Bedford, That Is, From Tennessee's Capitol)

Look upon his works, ye mighty, and puke.

Yet another monument to treason and enslavement came down today, and it was a significant one: Tennessee legislators and visitors to the state Capitol in Nashville can now go about their business without walking past the bust of slave trader, Confederate general, war criminal, and early Ku Klux Klan leader Nathan Bedford Forrest. The bust was hardly a precious part of state history, having only been placed in the Capitol in 1978; the Capitol itself dates back to shortly before the Civil War.

The treasonous murderer's bust is gone, and will be moved to the Tennessee State Museum. Unfortunately, it will not be converted into a urinal in its new location.

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It's Psaki Ptime Again!

Congratulations, US Olympians! No spoilers!

It's time again for your daily installment of "What Dumb Shit Will Peter Doocy Say Today," featuring White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki brooking no idiocy, as usual. No, we kid, Doocy isn't even the third or fourth banana in the Jen Psaki Show. Enjoy your WonkTV!

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