Poll: American Women Unaware Nation’s Beaches And Wildlife Are Too Tough To Let a Little Oil Bother Them


Gallup wanted to find out how the Gulf’s ecosystem will react to the oil spill, so theydecided to ask the experts, the American public. And according to poll results released today, American women think beaches and animals in the region will be profoundly affected by the oil spill, whereas American men know that stuff will be JUST FINE, WHO CARES, NEXT QUESTION.

60 percent of women think some beaches will never recover, while just 37 percent of men do. 65 percent of women said some species will never return to their previous levels, compared to 52 percent of men, which for the purposes of this CNN blog post on the oil spill gender-gap is not a majority. One gender is obviously dumb and wrong here! THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES RAGES ON.

Why do women think our beaches and sea creatures are weak? Perhaps they didn’t pay attention in civics class (too busy trying in vain to understand science and math), but America and its swimming holes and critters are STRONG and will ALWAYS BE STRONG. Everyone should stop talking about the oil spill because it’s not going to affect anything.

Women should stop complaining and learn to deal with there being a little oil on beaches. Oil is black, so perhaps they can roll in it and make themselves look slimmer in their bathing suits. Meanwhile, any pelican covered in oil who is worth his salt is going to MAN UP and walk it off.

SO YES, obviously men know what’s right, except Obama, who’s not as tough as real Americans such as our nation’s patriot beaches and wildlife. [CNN Political Ticker]


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