Poll: Americans Reject Maverick Heroes

Proving that Obama's 15-point lead in last week'sNewsweekpoll was a liberal hoax, a hot new LA Timespoll has Obama's lead diminishing to a statistically insignificant 12 points, or 15 if you include fictional losers Bob Barr and Ralph Nader. Also, among voters who said they'd vote for McCain, only 45% are "enthusiastic" about doing that (Mexican vs. Muslim, pick your poison etc. etc.), while that figure is 81% for Obama. This just goes to show how screwed the Democrats will be come November. Sooner or later these Obamatards will realize that in the Real World, you don't "like" politicians or presume they've got anything good to offer; you vote for the schlock you completely fucking hate, because why set yourself up for disappointment? [LA Times]


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