Poll: Dana Milbank Is...

milbank.jpgWe do so like checking in on "Post Politics Hour" every now and again. Always good for a laugh, always nice to see the political reporters allowed to make use of their innate sarcasm and complete contempt for their readership. And it occasionally reveals a bit about the internal workings of the Post itself -- we're all about transparency around here. Today, Tom Edsall tackled reader questions on Plamegate, George Allen, immigration, and, of course, Dana Milbank. Starting from a comment on Milbank's dismissive review of Stephen Colbert's performance Saturday, Edsall, sick of questions about Milbank, says:

No one can provide an adequate explanation for the hiring of Dana. I believe circulation has dropped since he came on board.

Sure, sarcasm, joking, blah blah blah, but, as we learned from Stephen Colbert's courageous, rabble-rousing speech, the best satire has a grain -- nay, a stalk -- of truth in it. Edsall provides his readers with two options, aiming to settle the Milbank thing once and for all. We have assembled them into convenient poll form, and added a third option of our own. Polls close tomorrow at noon. The results will determine who lives and who dies. Vote early and often.

Post Politics Hour [WP]


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