Poll Data On All Top 2012 Presidential Candidates Collected, Including Presumptive GOP Nominee Basil Marceaux


Public Policy Polling has released some important figures: polling on all major potential 2012 patriot presidential candidates and how they all stack up against MaoBama. Let's see, we've got Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Chris Christie. Oh, and Basil Marceaux. Yep, that's probably what the field will look like. (Haha, Tim and Bobby!) We won't make you hit the jump to see the results of the Marceaux-Obama match-up, because that dream showdown is the most likely to occur. It turns out Basil would currently only receive 21% of the vote against Obama. So just give Obama his second term, because that's a substantial lead. Hooray, socialism lives! Oh no, traffic-stop slavery continues.

Also notable:

Oh no! The party of Lincoln and Reagan is doomed!

If you MUST know about the other candidates polled, Obama is leading against all of them, too. And all of them have a higher unfavorable rating than favorable. Palin leads with a 54% unfavorable.

Like we said, the Republicans will choose Marceaux, probably because of his miniscule unfavorable rating, but Obama will still eke out a victory. So now the 2016 election speculation can begin! Hooray! [PPP via Wonkette operative "Mike K."]


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