Poll: Everyone Sick of This Shit

Most Americans want this election business to just end, now. With still more than a year of this shit -- and it will only get worse from here -- to go, Americans are looking for any way possible to escape the depravity of this "Presidential Campaign." While Election Day itself is apparently not movable, we can at least put a stop to months of primary campaigning. A majority of voters polled by the New York Times and CBS apparently want all the primaries to happen on the same day, everywhere.

Because voters hate democracy, they get very bored waiting for dark horse candidates and long shots and mavericks to gain momentum through old-fashioned campaign. Everyone would much prefer a system wherein the candidate with the most amount of money to run a nation-wide media-based campaign up to two years in advance of the election is the one who'll win the nomination.

Of course, this would strip Iowa and New Hampshire of much of their power, and no one -- especially residents of states that actually have people and cities in them -- would want to see that.

Poll: One Single Primary [NYT]


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