Poll: Would You Vote For Mitt Romney If He Hated Your Everything?

the purse that killed john mccainCitizens in New Hampshire and Iowa are accusing Utah-based Western Wats company of push polling against Mitt Romney. Push polling, if you'll recall, was most famously conducted by the George W. Bush team in South Carolina in 2000 against John McCain, when pollsters called dumb yokels in the indigo and cotton fields of the state and asked them how they'd feel if they knew McCain had a million little Negro babies shuckin' and jivin' all free-like.

According to some who received the calls, the questions were fairly legit at the onset but then devolved into the realm of, "How would you feel if you knew Mitt Romney was a retarded wop spic chinky Satan Satan Satan gay sex person?":

Sabrina Matteson, a Republican from Epsom, N.H., said she got a call on Wednesday.

"The first 15 or 20 questions were general questions about the leading candidates," she said. "Then he started asking me very, very negatively phrased questions about Romney. The first one was would you have a more favorable, less favorable, blah, blah, blah, impression of Mitt Romney if you knew that his five sons had never served in the military and that he considered working on a presidential campaign as public service or some such question."

After placing these calls, Roberta McCain was immediately put back to bed, though not without a struggle.

NH, Iowa Voters Get Anti-Romney Calls [AP]


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