Polls: Bush is Blowin' Up!

bushplosion.jpgEven as he mounts his defense against critics who have adorable concerns over civil liberties in the light of the news of Executive Branch-sanctioned spying on Americans, President Bush can take comfort in a recent upward bounce in his approval rating. Well...that is, he COULD take comfort in the polls, but, of course, we know that he never looks at polls ever no way forever.

But if one of his aides could just tie him down and make him listen to the recent Washington Post/ABC News Poll, well, we imagine it would bring some relief. After bottoming out in the mid 30's a couple months ago, his approvals are up to a manageable 47%. There are those that credit this bounce to his recent "candor offensives", but there are other mitigating factors, including:

Americans are apparently conditioned to go apeshit crazy with unwarranted optimism everytime someone in a kaffiyah is seen in public with blue paint on their finger.

Those who were beginning to regret voting for Bush once again took notice of the deafening silence over in that empty space and remembered: "Oh, yeah! That's that Democratic Party people sometimes talk about!"

We know he's spying on us, so how can we disapprove of Bush now that we know that there are no secrets between us?

Still, what will it take to get those approvals back on the right side of fifty percent? Don't worry. There's a timetable.

Bush's Support Jumps After a Long Decline [Washington Post]

Bush's Long March to Candor [Slate]


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