Joe Biden Most Popular Joe Biden In History Of Joe Bidens

Or something like that.

Very big news on President Joe Biden's approval rating, and it's that he is the most popular Joe Biden in the history of Joe Bidens.

A new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that Biden has his highest approval rating to date, and it is 63 percent. Yes, even in this insanely polarized country, almost two-thirds of Americans think he's just doing a swell job. On top of that, fully 71 percent of Americans approve of Biden's response to the coronavirus.

But listen to this Dems in Disarray shit. Biden has a 96 percent approval among Democrats, and also 96 percent from Dems specifically on coronavirus. You'd expect Republicans to equally hate Biden in the other direction, right? Except no. Indeed, 23 percent of Republicans approve of him as a president, and 47 percent of them approve of his handling of the coronavirus.

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How Did Liz Cheney Become The Sympathetic Gangster In This GOP Gangster Movie?

This is very emotionally confusing.

The Republican Party's slow but steady march to a full-blown, know-nothing cult of personality centered around a scuzzy reality TV host is both compelling and terrifying. Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney has tried to stand athwart this sordid history, "yelling stop," but no one else in her ragamuffin party is "inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it." Her colleagues will soon dump her in favor of an opportunistic, sell-out puppet job. It's a tragedy, if you're inclined to consider bad things happening to Republicans tragic.

Cheney had survived an earlier post-impeachment attempt to remove her from leadership, but the peace didn't last for long. Last month, at a GOP retreat, Cheney saw how deep the brain rot went when the party was presented with polling data that supposedly showed that a president who just lost reelection is actually super awesome and popular.

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Texas Loves Joe Biden More Than Texas Loves Texas Republicans

It's still damn close.

The Year of our Lord 2020 might not have been the year Texas finally tipped into the blue column. It's coming one of these years, we are 100 percent certain, no matter what kind of voter suppression fuckery Texas Republicans have pulled in the past and are certainly pulling right this very minute. We did it in Georgia. And if you think the GOP freakout and retreat into full-throated KKK-grade authoritarianism has been severe over Georgia flipping, HOO BOY, just wait for Texas.

That said, a new poll is out that shows that, despite 2020's results, President Joe Biden is more popular than many Republican elected officials in Texas, even if just slightly, a list that includes Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz.

This is to be expected with Cruz, because everybody hates Ted Cruz, even people who vote for him and then go hurl in the nearest bathroom, but it's nice to see Texans hating their own hometown Republican boys who aren't named Ted Cruz.

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Right Wing Extremism

GOP Sen. Roger Marshall Wishes We'd Just 'Move On' From Big Lie He’s Still Spreading

Shameless creep is shameless.

Republicans have actively pushed Donald Trump's Big Lie that the past presidential election was somehow fraudulent. This includes Kansas GOP Senator Roger Marshall, who voted to toss out Pennsylvania and Arizona's electoral votes on the same day a violent mob attacked the Capitol. Marshall's election to the Senate on the same ballot as Joe Biden was apparently not fraudulent. How convenient! However, Marshall is now ready to “move on" from the failed coup of just four months ago.

Saturday, CNN's Pamela Brown asked Marshall if he had any regrets about his attempts to overthrow the presidential election. Republicans are consistently shameless these days, so his response shouldn't have surprised anyone.

BROWN: Seventy percent of Republicans continue to believe in this lie that the last election was stolen. You voted to toss out millions of votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania. You also joined on to the Texas lawsuit attempting to throw out votes cast in four states. Looking back, do you have any regrets about your actions? And any concern that they contributed to misinformation about the election?

MARSHALL: Look, Pamela, we're just so ready to move on.

This asshole should've been expelled from the Senate, just like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley should've been expelled from the Senate.

Marshall explained why he felt no remorse over his (ongoing) regurgitation of the Big Lie.

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