Poorly Organized Party Metaphor For Entire Obama Campaign

HuffPo's Glynnis MacNicol has had some bad luck with Senator Barry Hussein. She had a big crush on him, but then she went to a party he threw and was assaulted by the musical stylings of Ben Harper and a very boring stump speech. Then, last night, she went to another party he threw and didn't even get in. Because the Obama people charged everyone $25 for tickets, overbooked the room, and left everyone standing outside because the hotel was full of the plus-ones and hangers-on of local bigwigs and Tammany Hall bosses. Poor Glynnis' crush is practically ruined.

So: Are their any conclusions to be drawn from my second night with Obama? If this were a second date, I'd be hard-pressed to commit to a third (not without a bit of song and dance that is, or at least some good chocolate). However, GQ and Men's Vogue covers aside, Obama is not dating material.

An Obama spokesman blamed the whole mess on "overwhelming grassroots support for Senator Obama," which is the lamest excuse for anything we've ever read. HE IS JUST TOO BELOVED TO ORGANIZE A FUNDRAISER PROPERLY.

Despite Barry's shitty hotel party planning skills, Glynnis will still attend his next New York event, where the local chapter of the Hell's Angels will be providing security assistance.

GENERATION NOBAMA: Wildly Overbooked Campaign Event Leaves Barack Pack Out on the Street [HuffPo]


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