Poppy Bush Denies Groping TV Performer's Ass

Grab-ass with Gramps - WonketteHere's some "light news" to make you forget your troubles and realize that the celebrities have problems, too: A teevee performer called Teri Hatcher had lunch with Bush 41 for some reason. The actress is about half Poppy's age, which is pretty old considering Poppy is like 97. And somebody was shooting some bad video of Poppy and the old gal having a chat in the parking lot somewhere, and then Poppy totally grabbed the gal's ass and was all squeezing it and kissing her! There is video proof!

Well, one thing George H.W. Bush does these days is go around denying all the dirty stuff he's done. At Gerald Ford's funeral, Poppy denied having a direct role in the assassination of JFK, and at some meeting with the terrorists in Kuwait or wherever, he denied that his dumb son has ruined the whole world. And now, finally, Poppy has denied squeezing the buttocks of the actress. "The camera lies," says Poppy. "It's a fraud."

Former President Bush Denies Patting Teri Hatcher's Butt [StarPulse]


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