For your Blowvember consideration, this shocking headline from Brent Bozell's Obama Had Senate-Office 'Portrait Session' With Pornographer. OMG! Finally, the Obama gay porn scandal we've been waiting for! The breathless lede does everything it can to suggest that something scary has to be hiding behind those quotation marks:

On June 20, 2007, then-Sen. Barack Obama (D.-Ill.), who was seeking the Democratic presidential nomination at the time, hosted a “portrait session” in his U.S. Senate office where he posed for and with Terry Richardson, a man already well-known, as the flyleaf of a coffee-table collection of his work put it, as the photographer who “took 1970s porn esthetic and made it fashion chic.”

He posed for and with a guy who took naked-lady pictures, which pretty much makes Barack Obama a naked lady himself! So! What sort of wild ghey carousing happened during this "portrait session," eh? Photography, eh? Candid photography, nudge-nudge-wink-wink? In Obama's Senate office -- probably with the doors closed, too! And in fact, as the two covers above indicate, Richardson the pornographer took portraits of Obama, which maybe kind of makes those scare quotes "unnecessary," what with there not being anything to "euphemize." And what is it with wingnuts and punctuation this week, anyway?

But credit where it's due -- CNS "writer" Barbara Boland does everything she can in her million-word "article" to prove beyond a doubt that Terry Richardson is a photographer of naked ladies doing things nakedly. And that he also took photos of Barack Obama. Which were not naked, but still, did he even wash the lens? There's this quote from the flyleaf of an out of print 2004 book of nekkid-people photos by Richardson:

“Who uses his fashion money to fund an X-rated website? Yes, Richardson,” said the flyleaf to the 2004 book Terryworld, published by Taschen Books.

“And who can’t resist getting his clothes off and jumping in front of his own lens? Well, that would be Terry Richardson as well,” said the flyleaf. “Welcome to ‘Terryworld,’ the land restraint forgot. Porn stars, super models, transsexuals, hillbillies, friends, pets and celebrities all do for his lens what they’ll do for no other. And if any of them later wonder why they did it, just blame it on ‘Terryworld,’ where taboos are null and void, and fashion finds sex a perfect fit.”

Are you scandalized yet? Well how about THIS?

The book itself includes photos of oral sex; a nude model wearing a “slut” crown riding a bike; a young man appearing to hang by a belt from a door; models urinating in the snow; a young woman with a large gold ball stuffed into her vagina; naked models with bags over their heads or their eyes darkened; a man with a toothbrush in his rectum; and Richardson with his teeth on a tampon string while it is inside a model’s vagina.

It also includes a photo of an apparently naked Richardson engaging in some kind of physical contact with a sheep.

By golly, that sure does sound porny, all right! And look! Here is that very photo, photographed from the actual book!

And so on, including more quotes from the book, which establish beyond a shadow of a doubt that this book of naked people doing sex has pictures of naked people doing sex, including Richardson himself. CNS even includes actual photos from the book, tastefully censored by means of pink sticky notes on the page. It's fucking hilarious, really.

And then we get to the really juicy stuff, in which Vibe Magazine editor Danyel Smith admits, openly, on a publicly funded National Public Radio show, that she was excited about getting photos of Obama. And NPR host Michel Martin even describes the pictures as "kind of spicy." Just to be on the safe side, Boland pretty much copy-pastes the whole interview transcript, which includes these scandalous revelations about the wild carousing that occurred during the "portrait session":

“Terry Richardson, who shot the photos, and Robin Forest, our photo editor, they got him to look at his watch. This is something that we wanted to do. There’s a thing in hip-hop music where, you know, is it time? It’s time. Looking at my Gucci, it’s about that time. What time is it? There’s always a sort of cool thing related to the sort of looking at your watch like you have somewhere to go. And since one of his campaign slogans is it's Obama’s time--his supporters tend to hold those placards up--we just wanted that headline.”

Sassy! Boland even tracked down one of the participants in the porn session:

Robin Harmon, who was credited by Vibe as the groomer for the Obama-Richardson photo shoot, confirmed to that it took place in Obama’s Senate offices.

Even more scandalous, Boland solemnly informs us that

One of these photos showed Richardson and Obama shaking hands, smiling—and each giving a thumbs-up sign to the camera, which Richardson regularly does with his models. (Richardson later posted that same photo on his own website after Obama was reelected in November 2012.)

So there you have it: the very same man who degraded the dignity of OUR White House by putting his big ol' negro feet up on OUR Oval office desk also degraded the dignity of OUR Hart Senate Office Building by allowing a known pornographer to take pictures of him there, looking at his watch -- which the editor of the magazine acknowledges is a pose from the world of the hippetty-hop music beloved by thugs, gangbangers, and crowds of wilding blacks who go on terror rampages in the nation's rotting urban centers.

BUT! The question must also be asked!

Did Obama, his Senate staff, or his campaign staff know about Richardson’s reputation as the man who took the “porn esthetic and made it fashion chic” when Obama invited him into his office for the June 20, 2007 photo shoot?

Boland solemnly reports that a "quick Lexis-Nexis search at the time would have turned up multiple items warning of the graphic nature of Richardson’s work." For instance, just a week before Obama cavorted for the camera with Richardson, Penthouse put out a press release announcing that its brand-new centerfold page, redesigned for easier removal from the magazine. Seriously, Boland quotes the whole press release, which mentions that Richardson would be the photographer for the upcoming centerfold. Needless to say, it's just obvious that Obama would have been aware of this press release from Penthouse, because that is just what U.S. Senators and their staffs do, carefully investigating the past of every person who might snap their photos.

And by god, Boland has done her homework asking Very Serious Questions about what Obama Knew about the guy with the camera, and When Obama Knew it: also sent the following questions to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:

1) Was then-Sen. Obama’s presidential campaign or Senate staff familiar with Terry Richardson reputation for “porn chic” photography before they scheduled Obama’s 2007 “portrait session” with Richardson? If not, why not?

2) Does President Obama regret that the campaign let that “portrait session” take place?

3) Does President Obama believe that Terry Richardson’s photography degrades women?

4) Given the credibility he helped give to Richardson by posing for and with him, do you believe President Obama should express regret for having done so given the sexually graphic nature of Richardson’s photography and the way he presents women?

Despite several phone calls and e-mails over the course of four days, the White House did not respond.

Why the cover-up, Obama? Too busy watching snuff porn while burning the American flag and bowing to Mecca?


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