Pose with a Sexy POTUS: Only $25,000!

bushboobs.jpgBecause the White House is open to all citizens, for free, Florida Representative Dave Weldon has been spanked by the Bush Administration for offering a "special White House tour" to anyone who ponied up $5000 to attend the National Republican Congressional Committee's June 14 dinner honoring President Bush. Still, that does leave Weldon with at least one fund-raising trick at his disposal:

Another part of Weldon's offer - allowing $25,000 donors to have their picture taken with President Bush - still stands. That opportunity is given to all contributors at the dinner, not just those with Weldon.

So, you may be wondering, is this the same dinner that porn star Mary Carey has paid $5000 to attend? Indeed it is. And while we know she's eager to get a photo with the President herself, can she afford the $25,000 fee, which is considerably more than she earns per picture? Well, may Dubya will give her a break. They do make a cute couple.

White House: No tours for cash [SP Times, via Sploid]

NRCC Hosts Hot Rich Person-on-Rich Person Action! [Wonkette]


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